Bantam Bagels: New market expansion opportunity

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What image comes to your mind when you think about eating a bagel? I immediately think of two fat disks of dough glued with spread which ends up on your hands, or face (if you’re like me) as you take a bite. 5 minutes later, my mouth is tired and I’m bored with the repetitive taste.

First time I saw Bantam Bagels was at Shark Tank and I fell in love with the product! Founders Elyse and Nick created a mini, round bagel with cream cheese stuffed inside. Soon they were offering many other flavors. I personally love these bagels because you can take the cleanest bite, eat while walking on the street and enjoy multiple flavors since they are big enough to satisfy you and small enough to eat 3-4 at a time. And they are delicious.


I watched the company grow. From a single product they expanded to dozens of flavors, started selling lifestyle packs and value packs. They entered thousands of Starbucks stores and ship nationwide through their website. Their growth in the bagel market is remarkable. So what’s next? Could they offer a new product line? Enter a new market? I say yes.


bantam cupcakes2

Product: Small round cupcakes with frosting inside. I drew above how I imagine the Bantam Cupcakes to look like. Each cupcake sponge has the color of its flavor and has a hint on top of what the frosting is inside.

Why cupcakes? Just like eating bagels, eating cupcakes is a messy and tiring experience. Making cupcakes small and keeping the frosting inside would make it way cleaner and more pleasant to eat, especially in public. Cupcakes today are oversized for a single flavor. I personally either end up cutting them to share and try from others, or throw halfway to avoid getting in sugar coma. Making bantam-bagel-size cupcakes would give customers a chance to eat cupcakes without the hurdle, taste many flavors and get higher satisfaction (there is something appetizing about eating round shape snacks).

For Bantam Bagels, this is a path to entering “sweets” market. They can launch one cupcake flavor and introduce more flavors as they go. They can do sponge and frosting mix and matches to take their inventory and create new products appealing to users.  Just like they did with bagels, they can create lifestyle and value sets and maybe even offer different types of desserts down the line. Bantam Bagels is capable of managing the kitchen for bulk orders, they established a strategy on expanding flavors, preserving food for shipping and running logistics both for small and large orders. Launching a cupcake line would fit in the infrastructure (except for bringing some new ingredients and techniques to the kitchen), bring new revenue streams, give a twist to another traditional product and make happier customers!